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Address: 270 Centre St New York, NY 10013

(based on the "real" Slainte only 7 blocks away!)

* They are a 'beer' bar (which means they are only licenced for beer and wine) but they can serve liquor after 11pm.
* Seating capacity: 250
* Private rooms
* Scottish/Irish Fare Sample Menu
* Blood is available (since there are a few Vamps who come here)
* Angus keeps some 'special recerve' scotch for 'regulars'. He also will mix 'custom' drinks for the right price.
* Beers on tap: Sam Adams, Guinness, Miller Genuine Draft, Miller Lite, Yuengling
* Bottled Beers are available - Mostly Imports (English or German)
* House Special cocktails are "Quicksilver", "Aqua Vitae" (Brandy with a shot of Whiskey), and "Purest Green"
* No Smoking [NOTE: This is the LAW!] (Angus smokes out back in the Alleyway)
* Happy Hour is from 4pm-7pm Mon-Friday ($3 beer/$8 pitcher and $5 endless appetizer bar)
* Irish and Scottish Holidays (St. Patty's, St. Andrew's, Robert Burn's Birthday) the bar is closed except to "regulars" (basically a private party)
* The Club is rentable for events.

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